Yogurt Powder

Skimmed Milk Yogurt Powder is made from fresh milk that is cultured, pasteurized, evaporated and then spray dried.


Our powder has an excellent flavor profile. It retains a high protein content and has strong amino acid profile.

Typical Specification

(As Is)


4.0% max


1.5% max


34% min,  target 35.0%



The ingredients are fresh, high quality skim milk and yogurt culture specifically selected to create a high quality final product.

Our yogurt powder is available at various pH levels to suit our customer needs.


Our yogurt powder has a wide range of uses, and is regularly used in confectionary, snacking, enrobing, dry blended formulas and yogurt ice cream.


Product can be supplied in 25 kg or 1000 kg bags

Shelf Life

The shelf-life is 9 months from date of production when the product is stored in a cool, dry place at maximum 70 % relative humidity. It should not be exposed to strong odors or sunlight.

Quality Assurance

Our yogurt powder is manufactured to the highest US and European standards.


Please see our specification sheet for detailed product specifications.